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Indian Institute of Material Management

The Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM), established in 1975, is a premier institution in India dedicated to education, training, and research in materials management. Boasting over 45,000 members, IIMM is a recognized authority in the supply chain management domain.

Offering a diverse array of courses, including a Diploma in Materials Management, a Postgraduate Diploma in Materials Management, and a Certificate Course in Inventory Management, IIMM caters to the educational needs of professionals in the materials management industry. The institute's faculty, comprised of highly qualified and experienced experts, brings valuable industry insights to the classroom, enhancing students' practical understanding.

A key strength of IIMM lies in its strong partnerships with leading companies in the materials management sector, facilitating exposure to the latest industry trends and technologies through internships and on-the-job training.

Beyond academic programs, IIMM engages in impactful research and publishes industry reports, recognized as valuable resources shaping the materials management landscape in India. For those aspiring to excel in materials management, Material Management Courses at IIMM offer a comprehensive blend of quality education, practical training, and industry collaborations, making it an ideal choice for success in this dynamic field.

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