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ILAM’s Collaboration with Fly-Wing Simulator Training Centre (FWSTC)

Fly Wings Simulator Training Centre Pvt. Ltd. (FWSTC), a state of art Aviation Training Centre at Gurgaon has collaborated with ILAM for providing hands-on experience to Aviation students required as a necessary skill-set to join Aviation Industry.

FWSTC in collaboration with ILAM is providing the best of its training:

Under Graduate Programe

  • Ditching/ Wet Drill
  • Water Survival / Raft Boarding
  • Galileo Software Training
  • Grooming
  • First Aid Training
  • Emergency Exit
  • Smoke & Live Fire Training
  • Ramp Safety Training
  • Additional Language
  • Aircraft Ground Handling & Safety Training

Aviation Industry always prefers a candidate who has been certified in the above. This collaboration now provides a chance to the Aviation Industry aspirants to be certified in above and equipped with relevant skill-sets required.

An exposure to the facilities like emergency evacuation of Airbus A320, Boeing B737, Water Training, slide rafts etc. makes you the most efficient & quick decision-making aviation professional through their training programmes.

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