Qualifications required for securing a career in banking



June 6, 2019

Banking has been one of the most coveted career streams since we ever remember. Not only does it come with a white collar but also is accompanied by excellent growth

and promising pay packages.With strengthening of the economy and increase in average income of people and subsequent bank deposits, the banking industry is soaring high. The industry absorbs countless fresh and experienced aspirants and plays a vital role in creation of jobs in India.

A career in the banking industry requires certain qualifications which are in tune with the roles to be played. As you go up the ladder of qualifications, you automatically secure a better role in the industry; the ones that are tagged with better earnings.

Wish to make a career here? Here is a list of qualifications along with the jobs that they can get you:-

High School/Graduation –

Entry level jobs in a bank usually do not demand a degree higher than graduation and some may even consider a high school pass out (having secured a certain cut off) for the same. Proficiency in accountancy, mathematics, economics and business study is an added advantage. Though lesser-paid, these jobs give you a good head start for a long term banking career and help you gain good insights and experience in the industry. Want to start off your career as a teller, bank trainee or customer service agent? Graduation is all you need to begin with.

Diploma/Bachelor’s Degree-

Various institutes across India offer a 3 years diploma or bachelor’s degree in banking. These courses enable you to develop an understanding about banking basics and the functions that you would be expected to play. They prepare you to handle the day-to-day bank operations;maintain and update bank records;hone your leadership skills;learn the benefits of collaboration; and help you sustain tough challenges. With a diploma or bachelor’s degree, you can aim for a better paying job like that of a bank manager or accountant.

Master’s Degree-

Stuck at a particular position since years? Finding it tough to move up the ladder? A master’s degree can rescue you out. With a master’s degree in economics, banking and finance, you can find a place in the management team of your company. Though experience is a must for such positions, most of the times, it has to be accompanied by a relevant qualification.

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