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Preparing Future Managers in Logistics, Aviation, Banking, Automobile, Competitive Exams & Design Industry
Preparing Future Managers in Logistics, Aviation, Banking, Automobile, Competitive Exams & Design Industry

BBA Courses

Degree Courses

On completion of 10+2, students would be in a confusion over which course to join. The common and general courses of study available are the B.A, B. Sc, and B.Com courses. Apart from these general courses, there is also the BBA course that is a popular choice. It is a specialized course of study with more career options as compared to the regular degree courses. The BBA course allows students to learn management, which is relevant and required for almost all organizations. This is the reason why doing BBA courses would be a great decision from the career point of view.

Whether is a factory, a company, a retail store, a government office, a software company, a call center, or a college all of these organizations need people to manage their operations. Management is thus applicable in every single field. For someone who wants to make a career in management, doing the 3-year Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) would be a good idea. There are so many colleges providing BBA Courses like Institute of Logistics & Aviation Management, UPES. BBA at UPES University & ILAM comes with a unique curriculum which prepared the students to be industry ready & help them to acquire necessary skill sets to be competent in this global competitive job market.

Studying BBA

The top management colleges would admit students to the course based on their marks in the 10+2 examination. During this course, students can learn management concepts that are required for any kind of industry or organization. Once the students learn these concepts, they would then take up specialization studies. One of the best places to study BBA is ILAM, the Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management. This institute is a leading management institute offering the BBA course.

The BBA courses that are offered at ILAM include:

  • BBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • BBA Aviation Management
  • BBA Public Policy
  • BBA Accountancy, Taxation, and Auditing
  • BBA Marketing and Automobile Management

BBA program can be undergone at ILAM. Studying BBA at one of the leading institutions helps you to get into a good career in management. BBA at UPES University & ILAM allows students to build a good career.

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