Preparing Future Managers in Logistics, Aviation, Banking, Automobile, Competitive Exams & Design Industry
Preparing Future Managers in Logistics, Aviation, Banking, Automobile, Competitive Exams & Design Industry


The division of Student and Academic Services aims to support the mission of ILAM by developing, delivering, and advocating services and programs that unite and support students’ academic and social pursuits. We aim to encourage and foster student participation while respecting the responsibility of students to avail themselves of all learning. Through the efforts of all of us students, faculty, staff and alumni we create a community where the values and responsibilities of the individual and the community are equally supported.

Student welfare is therefore the result of teachers, parents/caregivers, and students working together for the benefit of the students.

student welfare

ILAM Student Welfare division will provide:

  • Effective learning and teaching
  • A positive climate and good discipline
  • Community participation

Alumni Association

The Association of old students of the Institute is with the new ones to increase the diversity of the student fraternity. It will organize various activities for the benefit of old students.


Goal One: Create and support a learning community filled with opportunities in and beyond the classroom for students and faculty to integrate and link those experiences with their learning from academic programs.

Goal Two: Provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to participate together in intellectual, spiritual, social, cultural, athletic, and service activities.

Goal Three: Develop and support programs and services that foster diversity, inclusion, and learning among all members of ILAM.

Goal Four: Create and sustain an environment that promotes personal growth and discovery, the pursuit of healthy minds and bodies, and participation in the creation of a caring community.

Goal Five: Create an environment that fosters an awareness of responsibility for self, community, and public service.

Goal Six: Streamline and improve the services and improve access to information needed by students, faculty and staff.

Goal Seven: Planning and efficient implementation of programs to achieve desired outcomes.

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