Preparing Future Managers in Logistics, Aviation, Banking, Automobile, Competitive Exams & Design Industry
Preparing Future Managers in Logistics, Aviation, Banking, Automobile, Competitive Exams & Design Industry

What are Business Analytics?

Business analytics refers to the skills, technologies, practices for continuous iterative exploration and investigation of business performance to gain insight and drive business planning. It is basically to analyse data and to find out patterns/ methods that will be helpful in developing business strategies.

Market Size of Business Analytics Industry?

  • The business Analytics market is expected to reach $71.1 billion by 2022.
  • The factors that are influencing the market growth include rising demand for the analytics by the organizations due to the growing big data trend, quickly changing business environment and customer choices.
  • The business analytics market is expected to witness a CAGR of 7.3% during the forecast period (2019-2024).
  • The cumulative analytics market in India stands at $30 Billion.

Major Recruiters for Business Analytics role?

  • Amazon
  • LinkedIn
  • Flipkart
  • IBM
  • Accenture
  • Myntra
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Microsoft

Why Business Analytics is used?

  • Used for Data Mining
  • Complete statistical analysis and quantitative analysis to explain why certain results occurs, also to take corrective actions.
  • Facilitates better understanding of available primary and secondary data.
  • Allows companies/ organizations to have competitive advantage.
  • Allows companies to be cost efficient.
  • Fast & better decision making

What would you become?

  • Data Scientist
  • Quantitative Analyst/Modeller
  • Big Data Scientist
  • Data Business Analyst
  • Business Analyst Manager or Consultant
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Marketing Analytics Manager
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant
  • Analytics Associate Metrics
  • Analytics Specialist Database Administrator
  • Retail Sales Analyst
  • Big Data Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Business Analyst Specialist

Why should I pursue this course from ILAM?

ILAM is India’s first dedicated School of Business Analytics & Data Science with a mission to provide job ready professionals in industries of tomorrow. ILAM is providing the most sought-after program taught by most influential Industry leaders with 100% Placement Assurance.

Why is Business Analytics booming?

  • The growing volume of digital data generated by businesses has led to the growth of business analytics market.
  • Businesses all over the world are now incorporating business analytics tools to better understand their customers and improve their business.
  • Smart Decision Making & enhancing customer experiences.

Top reasons to consider pursing a career in Business Analytics?

  • Business Analytics can be applied to any industry
  • Business Analytics industry in India to double by 2020 as a result, generating huge employment opportunities.
  • Good Pay Packages with wide range of career choices.
  • Aspirants develop required skills- Communications, Problem solving skills, Managerial Skills, Technical Skills.

Will I get placed after completing the program?

Yes, you will be given 100% Placement Assurance with internship in last 6 months.

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