Scope of a MBA degree in Automobile Management


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June 7, 2019

Just look around you. A view of the busy streets of your city is a proof enough of the bustling automobile market place.

The automobile industry, made up of a vast assortment of motor bikes and cars along with its commercial and agricultural segments is one of the fastest growing markets of India. A segment which continued to grow despite the recent global economic crisis, automobile and its ancillary sectors today seems to a fantastic place for job seekers.

Bearing in mind the significant scope of a career in automobile industry, a considerable number of students are pursuing a Masters in the sector. Cash rich careers in marketing, supply chain, finance, operations, manufacturing plants, etc. are attracting most of them towards the automobile sector. If you are one amongst them or are still making up your mind, here are the job opportunities that might possibly await you:-

Sales and Marketing

Like every other industry, this one too feeds on leads sourced through the sales and marketing teams. As an automobile expert, if you also have an add-on flair for convincing people on the other end, you may seek a rewarding position as a sales officer, marketing manager or the like.


Interested in numbers? Finance team of automobile companies might be a great breakthrough for you. Since most consumers get a major part of the automobile cost financed, you can find ample opportunities here. Also, since the ticket size per purchase is very huge and the industry revolves around a colossal amount of monetary inflows and outflows, automobile companies are constantly in search of a candidate with MastersDegreesuch that he/she can immediately take over the crucial tasks.

Customer Relations

Are you a problem solver? Good at communications? A job as customer relation officer in an automobile showroom or service centres might be a good catch for you. Responsibility would entail communicating with customers and handling their requests and complaints in an efficient manner.

Spare Parts and Inventory

The automobile dealer’s profitability is severely impacted by how well the inventory is maintained. An MBA degree gives you considerable learning towards this end helping you to maintain adequate spare parts and accessories inventory while keeping a check on redundancy and costs.


Carrying the heavy automobiles from one place to another can be quite a task without an organized and efficient logistics team. With an MBA Degree, your chances of securing a position as logistics manager grow manifold.

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