The Faculty Of ILAM Is Second To None: Here Are Some Reasons Why!


ILAM Brand

June 26, 2019

ILAM – Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management is an institute known to generate excellent results. With the help of its state-of-the-art facilities, modern campus, meticulously designed curriculum, and impressive industry connections, the institute is striving to provide a world-class education to students and preparing them for future-ready career avenues. However, one of the core facets of ILAM is something that drives forth all facets of their education – their faculty.

The faculty members at ILAM go through a stringent selection process to make sure that the students are taught by experts. Here are a few reasons why the faculty members of ILAM are known to be the best at their work.


The faculty members of ILAM have spent years in the industry and, therefore, have excellent industry contacts. This helps them arrange workshops, guest lectures, and seminars for students, which allow them get a clear understanding of their industry and interact with professionals. This bridges the gap between the academic and the professional world. Through these activities, students are motivated towards critical thinking and are enabled to make sound decisions about the direction in which they want to drive their career. 


ILAM understands the importance of having good role models in the life of a student. Students spend a majority of their time on campus, and the faculty of ILAM makes sure that they are provided with adequate support and care. Students develop a sense of comfort to reach out to their teachers after hours and are motivated to discuss issues with them. Meanwhile, teachers ensure that they project a warm and approachable image to students, which allows them to feel comfortable while going up to them with their problems – whether academic or personal. 


The teaching methodology of ILAM allows teachers to apply unique educational devices like group activities, peer education, and presentations. These activities help students develop self-confidence and build interpersonal skills. It also leads to an increased interest in academic teaching and pushes students to stay disciplined and motivated. With the help of these methods, students are enabled to tackle intricate problems and both give & work on feedback. All these skills help them in their careers as they step out as independent professionals. Faculty members at ILAM follow 360 degree teaching methodology which aims to prepare students “Job ready professionals” in the futuristic industries. 


ILAM faculty believes in commitment, impartiality, equal opportunities, and strong work ethics. They strive to build a classroom environment which promotes responsibility, respect, and truth. They come from the school of thought that one should never stop learning and are continually working on updating their knowledge. For them, students are of utmost priority and they don’t hesitate in going out of their way to meet the educational requirements of their students.ILAM realises the impact teachers can have on students, which is why they do everything in their power to make sure that only the best educators are brought in for their students. The faculty members of ILAM work towards creating a nurturing environment for their students, which fulfils their requirements as learners and motivates them to stay on their toes and develop a hunger for knowledge.