The Future Of The Aviation Industry Is Bright Indeed: Here’s Why!


Aviation Management

June 27, 2019

Aviation is coming up as a lucrative option for people who are looking for a stable career, along with sufficient room for growth. The Indian Aviation industry is growing at a fast pace. Currently, India has the ninth-largest Aviation Market in the world and is projected to reach the third spot (after the US and China) by 2020. At present, 200 million air trips are taken by Indians every year, and only 5% of the population utilises air travel frequently. With an expansion in the Indian economy and an increase in disposable income, more Indian travellers will be able to travel by air, leading to a rise in air traffic and facilitating the growth of the Indian aviation industry. 

Another factor which makes the future of the Aviation Industry appear bright in the country is that the Civil Aviation sector of India is planning to develop in-house facilities for maintenance and repair, which are currently being managed by other nations. This will not only make air travel more affordable but also open up new career avenues in the domain of Aviation, making it an excellent career option for students. 

The Government of India is also taking rigorous steps to aid the development of the Aviation Industry in the country. The Global Aviation Summit was organised in Mumbai, and around 1,200 delegates from 80 countries were invited to participate. In addition to this, the Indian Government has come up with the National Air Cargo Policy Outline, which points out ways to make Indian Cargo Services and Logistics more efficient. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has proposed a blueprint in the name of Vision 2035, which envisages the infrastructure needed for the Aviation Industry to grow. Vision 2035 aims to create more opportunities for private participation in the sector. 

These factors have attracted numerous international investors to invest in India’s aviation industry. With FDI norms easing up, more and more foreign players are making their way into the airspace of the country. India has allowed 100% FDI in the aviation sector, making the industry more lucrative for international players. Considering this, it won’t be wrong to say that the future of the Aviation Industry is indeed bright. Although this is true, a lot depends on the professionals, who take the industry in their hands. The Indian Aviation sector can be brought up to a world-class level by educating students on the latest trends in the industry. Specialised courses in the field of Aviation help students understand the tricks of the trade and work their way into this industry. ILAM – Institute of Logistic & Aviation Management – offers future-ready courses in this vertical at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the forms of BBA in Aviation Management and MBA in Aviation Management respectively. These courses provide insights into multiple facets of this industry and let students get a glimpse into numerous career avenues in the field of Aviation.