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Preparing Future Managers in Logistics, Aviation, Banking, Automobile, Competitive Exams & Design Industry
Preparing Future Managers in Logistics, Aviation, Banking, Automobile, Competitive Exams & Design Industry

A degree in Logistics vis-a-vis high paying opportunities


We often face a question in the career counselling room- After having a degree in Logistics will I get a high salary package job?

The answer is YES!

Though undermined for many years as an industry synonymous to courier delivery, Logistics has recently emerged as a bright career option amongst young and experienced blood alike. As the boundaries of a logistician’s role expanded beyond just packaging and delivering goods, a perspective that held good for a lot many years amongst the masses, people are now keen at making a career here.However, they are still intimidated by its prospects and are uncertain about the compensation that they can expect. Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management, a leading player in the field of logistics, vouches for the immense scope here mba in supply chain management scope.

As a candidate who is still dealing with the ambiguity about huge paycheques in this sector, here are three reasons to stay firm on your belief about a degree in logistics.

Scope of a Logistician

For all those who do not know, there is a lot that happens since the product is manufactured till the time it reaches the end user. These activities involve transporting the finished goods to warehouse, inventory control, efficient storage, dispatch from the warehouse in accordance to market demand, in-transit procedures, unloading of products at specific shops and addresses and to ensure impeccable customer service at each step. These functions and much more behind the scene cannot be performed without a skilled logistician with a suitable degree. I hope that convinces you about the scope of your role as a logistician. Immense- Isn’t it?

Job Opportunities

India over the past decade has experienced an unparalleled boom in the logistics sector. A surge in demand for people who can swiftly manoeuvre all stages between manufacturing of goods till its dispatch and delivery is attributed to the rapid acceptance and development of the E-commerce sector. As the demand will continue to soar, better opportunities will be created for logisticians with a recognized logistics degree.

Pay Packages

Last and most important, significant pay packages are being offered by domestic and international companies to logisticians with a degree from a distinguished institute. The demand-supply gap in the industry is playing a major factor here. Thus, as a logistician working in the current market scenario, compensation must be last thing to worry about.

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