Preparing Future Managers in Logistics, Aviation, Banking, Automobile, Competitive Exams & Design Industry
Preparing Future Managers in Logistics, Aviation, Banking, Automobile, Competitive Exams & Design Industry

Career opportunities that follow an interior design degree


India today is becoming increasingly aware about how hiring an interior designer can enhance their space. The demand for skilled professionals in this sphere is on a constant rise. As more and more candidates are aspiring for a career in this field, reputed institutes like ILAM and similar others are introducing certified courses for interior designing to nurture their aspirations.

Are you serious about starting a career in interior designing? Here are the options that await you:-

Interior & Spatial Designer – Passionate about transforming spaces and filling them with your creativity and skills? A career in interior and spatial design is apt for you. This function will demand you to freshly design an interior space or renovate an existing one. It can be a home, office or a corporate establishment which you shall be expected to design through your expertise in structural alterations, selection and placement of furniture, fixtures and furnishings, planning and execution of colour schemes and making apt arrangement for lighting. Alongside, you will have to ensure that the design is safe, efficient functional and maximizes space utilization.

Exhibition Designer – Keen on designing an event or an industrial/commercial exhibition? It can be a tradeshow, cultural exhibition or a vintage car show. You can choose to be an exhibition designer if you own a strong sense for designing vast spaces with multiple themes and stakeholders. Your key responsibility will be to ensure that the client’s vision and message is put across appropriately to the visitors through a design that is thoughtful and outstanding at once.

Visual Merchandiser – Selling today involves so much more than the product quality and pricing. It is about how the products are packaged and presented, how the store looks, the pomp and show during product launch, events and parties surrounding them, etc. As a visual merchandiser you will be expected to use your interior designing expertise to deck up spaces and events in a way that excites audience and impels them to purchase.

Besides these, a degree in interior design can also be an entry point into various indirectly related positions such as architect, graphic designer, stylist, textile designer, art director and many others.