Preparing Future Managers in Logistics, Aviation, Banking, Automobile, Competitive Exams & Design Industry
Preparing Future Managers in Logistics, Aviation, Banking, Automobile, Competitive Exams & Design Industry

A career in fashion designing: An overview


Fashion Designing, the word involuntarily fills one up with the thought of a glamorous diva walking on the ramp dressed in the most exotic costume that got its inspiration from some extravagant theme... Yes, true to an extent! The industry does involve a huge amount of charm. However, before you take it up as a career option, it is always better to take a look behind the curtains and evaluate the chances of making it large.

ILAM, an eminent institute offering competent courses in Fashion designing, aims to make the decision easier for you by listing out the careers that you could probably choose amongst in the industry:-

  • Fashion Stylists – Ever imagined who is behind those iconic movie stars who always look their best- whether out in the public or shot privately while sleeping? Fashion stylists, the personal styling consultants to such public figures are the ones to be applauded for this. Armed with their impeccable styling sense and a good number of years in the industry, they slowly climb up the ladder of fame and success. Thinking of becoming a fashion stylist? Start early, travel the world, develop right contacts, have a strong eye for changing global trends and most importantly be creative to the core.
  • Fashion Designer – Mesmerized by how these sensational fashion magazines manage to bring something irresistibly sparkling on their cover page every month? Credit goes to a team of fashion designers who put endless number of hours sketching and bringing alive those intricate costumes with a crazy kind of detailing. The job of a fashion designer needs equal portion of subject matter expertise, passion, creativity and an understanding about textures and fabrics to combine them into something totally outstanding.
  • Fashion Illustrator – Do you have a deep sense of fashion and find strength in sketching and drawing your imagination over a canvas or a piece of paper? You may consider working as a fashion illustrator for a fashion magazine, design house or as freelancer.
  • Launch your brand – If you have the right mix of fashion sense and entrepreneurship ability, you might as well think of launching your own label. Open up your own fashion house or sell exciting garments under your name.
  • Freelancer – Pick up bits and pieces of your key strengths and use them to rule the fashion world by offering freelance services. Create your own unique style and earn yourself a distinct repute in the industry.